The Batch of 98 in consultation with the Headmaster organized a Health Camp at Prep School for past and present members of the staff to coincide with Founder's Day on 17th May 2022.Two reputed private institutions involved in healthcare conducted the Health Camp.

A Service of Thanksgiving to commemorate the 84th Founder's Day which fell on the 17th of May was held this (20) morning at the Chapel of the Good Shepherd. The celebrant was His Lordship Rt. Rev. Dushantha Rodrigo, the Bishop of Colombo and former Headmaster of the School. He was assisted by the Headmaster, Rev. Nihal Fernando, and the Chaplain, Rev. Andrew Devadason. A special Cope had been designed for the Bishop by Mr Illangakoon to be used for services at Prep School.

As customary the students were treated to a piece of cake and a soft drink after the Service and the Old Boys' Union assisted is meeting the cost of this.

Known as the 'Year 5 Block' to some and the 'Year 4 & 5 Block' to others it is the last block of Classrooms that was constructed at Prep School and was completed just prior to the retirement of Mr. J. S. L. Fernando as the Headmaster. It was one of the buildings that was badly damaged by the gale force winds that wreaked havoc on the School in November 2017 and was temporarily repaired as the plan at the time was to eventually bring down the building to make a larger playing area for the students. However, time and tide have taken a toll on the building and the Headmaster commenced repairing it on an urgent basis. The cost was met by a donation for the Old Boys' Union (OBU) and the Old Thomians' Association in the United Kingdom (OTAUK).

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The S. Thomas’ Preparatory School Old Boys’ Union (OBU), an association comprising of past prepites, was formed on May 12th 1978, coinciding with the commemoration of the 40th Anniversary of the school. Its aim and purpose are to assist and aid the school when called upon to do so, with the collective assistance of its old boys, and to instill a sense of brotherhood and camaraderie amongst the students who have had the privilege of studying there, and since left.
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